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Investing 101: Risk Terminology – Beta

But with a multi-family property, because there are more units involved and thus, more money, you can hire a management company to deal with all the headaches. Now, you just sit back and rake in the cash. All the worst parts fall on someone else, not you.

Just as Murphy’s Law states, you will inevitably encounter road blocks along the way, some minor and some major. It is important not to give up or allow set backs to derail your progress.

You may say that compound interest sounds like a great thing, but you’re poor now and figure you’ll start contributing when you have more disposable income. That sounds like a reasonable plan, but the fact is that it will never be easier than it is today. By the time you’re 35, you will probably be earning considerably more. But you’ll also have far more financial obligations. By then, you’re likely to have a spouse, a car and maybe kids and a mortgage too. If you think it’s tough to economize now, just wait until you’ve got diapers and day care to worry about. If you start saving your 0 a month (0 with employer contributions) when you’re 27 instead of 22, you give up 0,000 toward eventual retirement.

The second reason is that most people do not have the endurance and patience to invest for the long term. It takes consistent contributions to your investment fund every month, for several years to take advantage of wealth investing. It can take 7 -11 years for your money to double, but once that happens, and you let your earnings double, and those earnings double, you’ve really struck it rich.

If we just start with the investing 101 concept that everyone knows. Buy low and sell high! So simple, yet why do so many fail to do it? Well one reason is most uninformed investors, get in much too late. Even a technical investor who does not use Candlestick Charting is playing a guessing game of sorts.

Choose the short term bond fund that best meets your needs. These funds will typically be listed as short term funds, but it is still important to look at the average maturity of the bonds the fund holds. This information will be listed in the prospectus.

It later closes three cents higher than that. Should we get in? Not necessarily. Because as the candlestick showed us, even though it had a five cent swing from the day before, a long wick was created. This meant that it went even higher then it eventually settled on. That tells us that the pressure to go higher wasn’t strong enough. We will put it on our watch list, and keep a keen eye on it.