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Of course the amount of cash flow you generate from a multi-unit investment property will far exceed that of a single-dwelling property. The potential for returns is much higher, as is the realization of profits.

Let’s take a stock investing 101 example here. Let’s say that I would like to buy a stock because I think it may increase in value. However, I’m a little unsure and don’t exactly want to take the chance that it won’t rise. Instead, I can buy a call option for about the current market price and wait to see if it does rise. If it does, I am know granted the option to buy the stock for the lower price. I then have the ability to hold on to my stock or sell it for a profit (minus commissions, taxes, and the cost of the option).

Whichever investment vehicle you choose, your goal is going to be the same – buy low and sell high. This may take some research, but if you’re looking into something that is interesting to you, it will make things much easier. For example, if you like to read, look into book store stocks. Like gardening? Look into stocks that deal with that. There’s nothing worse than studying something you’re not interested in.

This is where my analogy of an investment being like a marriage is not similar (or maybe exactly like a marriage, depending on who you ask). At some point, you will need to exit the investment to make a profit. In other situations, you may have to exit at a loss if your review turns up very ugly truth. Either way, you ultimately will get out.